Your new home is waiting

I'm Your Real Estate Concierge

A good life has movement - life is about transition! 
When those changes include real estate, I bring my A-game.  

I've worked and consulted in real estate my entire career, first in real estate lending before I made my own transition into real estate brokerage.

Licensed in Idaho and Washington, I love making my life here.  With the popularity the Inland Northwest as a vibrant lifestyle, recreation and retirement destination, I'm happily tour guide and consultant when it’s time to explore new options.  Whether your quest is to down size, up size, find a vacation home, investment or first home, rural or city, my toolbox is full.

I offer a thorough background of insight and ability from many hats in the real estate arena; realtor, loan officer, investor, trainer, construction, rural lands and more.

I’ll help you get where you want to go – I commit to being your real estate concierge.

I've known Deb for over 29 years. She is by far the most professional and informed person I have used for my home purchases and sales. Although I have purchased and sold several homes though-out the years, there were different realtors involved. Deb is heads and tails above all of them. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional . Her suggestions were offered as options, with no pressure on me.  She watched out for my best interests, while allowing me to make the final decisions. Her advice was invaluable to me. I recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell their property, or for any information on real estate.  (2018)